Wish List

Welcome to a brand new feature - the Dudley & Roo Wish List.

From here, you can send a hint to someone, log your details of your sizes for rings, bangles, cuffs and necklace lengths, as well as leave details of what specific items you'd like to be gifted, in case you're lucky enough for a loved one to be treating you to something you absolutely deserve.

Sizing Guide

Check out the Sizing Guide and other useful information here...

Send a Hint!

Want to send a not so subtle hint to someone about what you'd like?

Fill in the details here to send a Hint their way!

Don't forget to log details of your sizes if you know them.

Let's Browse

Have a look through the Shop and note what takes your fancy!

Wish List | Size Detail Log

Treat this like a Gift Registry.

The idea being that if you're lucky enough that someone is buying you a gift from Dudley & Roo, they'll be able to ask us exactly what it is that you'd like and your sizes too.  So, if you you've got your eye on some Pebble Earrings and want a rainbow or heart design on them, just include that in your message.  Or if you want a Mini Princess Ring and you know you're a size P, let us know!

** Please be sure to start your message with 'WISH LIST' **

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