The Dudley & Roo Story

Dudley & Roo came about in very early 2016; I'd made the decision not to return to my former employment after being on maternity leave, as going back to that job just wasn't the right choice for me and my family.  I wasn’t let loose on the public though until later on that year and the welcome I received was (and still is) amazing.

I'm Chloe; the one woman army behind the brand Dudley & Roo. 

Based in a small rural village in Lincolnshire, I have the beautiful countryside on my doorstep, yet I'm just a stones throw away from Cleethorpes beach, as well as the quaint market town of Louth.  I am the one who you discuss your thoughts and ideas with, who you tell your stories and send messages to; I design, create, hand stamp, assemble, polish, package and send out all of your orders.  I'm also the one who will be posting and the one that you'll be talking to on any of Dudley & Roo's social media platforms.

After the success of solely personalised hand stamped items and gifts, I started to work and experiment with precious metals, mainly sterling and fine silver.  You'll see the nature and natural style of my work is simplistic, timeless, essential and somewhat rustic.  I never make anything I wouldn't want to wear myself and with a hand on my heart, I can honestly say my 'work' doesn't feel like 'work' to me.  I love what I do!

What’s in a name?

Dudley is actually our big, black Labrador and Roo is the nickname which was given to our son when he was born in 2015. However, since then, a daughter has burst on to the scene creating her own whirlwind of crazy which is why, and in homage to her, you'll see my sterling silver designs mainly laid out on a pink backdrop. 

I'm honestly overwhelmed and truly grateful for all the support, custom, likes and orders I receive. Not only does it make me feel immensely proud that you’ve chosen Dudley & Roo to make that special item for you or your family and friends, but it also puts food on the table, clothes on our backs and a roof over my family's heads. I hope it makes you feel warm and fuzzy knowing you’ve helped me reach my dream and also knowing that a lot of care, personal attention and effort has gone into creating each and every piece that comes out of the Dudley & Roo workshop.  Please do remember that every item has been made or assembled by an actual person (me!) and not a conveyor belt!

Family, love and kindness is at the very heart of this business; from the name, the designs, to the reason why I do what I do.   I love to hear your ideas and inspiration; loved ones names, sentimental messages, special dates or those quotes between friends or family that mean so much.  It's one of the best reasons to choose Dudley & Roo!