The Dudley & Roo Story


I'm Chloe; the one-woman army behind the brand Dudley & Roo.  

I’m the designer, creator, packer, administrator, post girl, social media manager and general doer of all the things! I am the one who you discuss your thoughts and ideas with, who you tell your stories and send messages to and I LOVE that part of my job.

Black and white photo of business owner
workshop signage

Dudley & Roo came about in very early 2016; I'd made the decision not to return to my former employment after being on maternity leave as I knew going back to that job just wasn't the right choice for me and my family at that time. 

During one of the (what felt like) 23 hours a day I spent feeding my son, I just happened to stumble across a metal stamping kit online and thought I'd treat myself and have a go.  My first few attempts were questionable to say the least but I seemed to pick it up pretty naturally and then one day, somebody asked if I'd make them something as a gift for someone.  After I'd made it, I decided to throw caution to the wind and officially set up us Dudley & Roo.  It's been hard work; tears, tantrums and lots of chocolate has been consumed, but being able to work around my children and work for myself, is the dream.

After the success of solely personalised hand stamped items and gifts, and the birth of my daughter, I started to work and experiment with precious metals, mainly sterling and fine silver.  You'll see the nature and natural style of my work is simple in design, timeless and things that I would consider a staple or essential for your jewellery collection.  My designs are pieces I love and wear myself, whether it be an everyday staple or for a more special occasion.  I usually combine pieces, especially if they’re telling a particular story, but equally, I love to rock a single piece on its own to dress up or dress down a particular outfit. 

Where does the name Dudley & Roo come from?

My first baby, our big, black lovable Labrador is Dudley, and Roo is the nickname I gave to our gorgeous son after he was born.  Since then, and in homage to my beautiful daughter, my sterling silver jewellery designs are photographed on various pink backdrops. 

Family, love, kindness and celebrating you and telling your story plays a massive part in my business; from the name, the designs, to the reason why I do what I do.   I love to hear your ideas and inspiration; loved ones names, sentimental messages, special dates or those quotes between friends or family that mean so much.  I love that you can tell YOUR story with my pieces.  It's one of the best reasons to choose Dudley & Roo!

Black labrador and baby

Looking for another reason to choose D&R?

Being as environmentally friendly as I can be in terms of my business, is important to me.  I want my customers to feel like when they shop Dudley & Roo, they’re shopping with a conscience.  That’s why Dudley & Roo are members of Ecologi, use recycled or as plastic free packaging as possible and try to source as much, if not all, my materials from the UK. 

You can find out more about my Sustainability Ethos here.

A Little About Me...

I’m a 30-something wife, mum to two feral children and a chocolate and cake devotee. 

I have fried eggs, chips and beans with bread and peppercorn sauce for my tea every Friday night; it’s my thing…don't judge.

I’ve a dry and sarcastic sense of humour which sometimes gets me into trouble but on the whole, I’m pretty easy going, love to laugh and my goals include being able to travel the world and also own a motorhome.  I love a positive quote or two and am big on kindness and, being an empath, that seems to come naturally. 

 Thank you all for helping Dudley & Roo grow to what it is today,

I wouldn’t be here without you, you beautiful bunch!

Love Chloe