Terms & Conditions, GDPR & Privacy Policy

Terms & Conditions, GDPR and Privacy Policy

Terms & Conditions

Definitions and Interpretations

Reference to "I", "we" and "us" is a reference to Dudley & Roo.  Reference to "you" and "your" is a reference to the purchaser of goods from Dudley & Roo or a viewer of this website. 


The majority of the Dudley & Roo designs are made using jewellery grade aluminium or sterling silver.

Aluminium a very lightweight but strong metal and will not tarnish. It is hypo-allergenic and will not cause skin irritation or discolouring. The other metals we use include copper and brass. Due to the nature of hand-stamping metal, no two items will be produced exactly the same. Each letter and image is stamped individually and so will not appear like a machine engraved item. This gives each piece a personal and quirky authenticity! Please note, there may be metal displacement.  Metal displacement occurs due to the metal being 'forced' back by the metal punch.  Unlike engraving (where the metal is 'shaved' away), this is the only place for the metal to distort to.  

Specific fonts and design stamps can of course be requested however, due to size/character/design limitations, Dudley & Roo reserve the right to choose a different font or design based on our knowledge to make the final design as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Any sterling silver items made by Dudley & Roo which exceed 7.78 grams in weight will be hallmarked and with our maker's mark applied in line with UK legislation and as a guarantee of the purity of the metals used in our work. Sterling silver items below the 7.78 gram threshold do not legally require hallmarking however, should you wish it to be hallmarked, it is possible on request but will require an additional fee. Please note that hallmarking an item will add to the turnaround time of your order. 

Most metals can tarnish with time and/or exposure to chemicals. This is not a flaw in your jewellery, but a natural and unavoidable process. To keep your jewellery looking its best, I would advise to keep it away from perfumes, body lotions etc and do not wear whilst swimming, while carrying out manual tasks or in situations deemed unsafe to wear jewellery. A silver or other jewellery polishing cloth, dip (specific for the type of metal), wax or polishing compound will help remove any natural tarnish and keep your jewellery looking its best and in good condition.

The majority of items made will be photographed for use on social media and for marketing of Dudley & Roo. If you do not want your item used for these purposes, simply let us know.

Please note that items are not toys and should be treated with care and not given to or left in the reach of small children or babies.



Please note that in the event of any repairs of a non-Dudley & Roo item are carried out, Dudley & Roo will not be held liable for any previous damage of stones, metal or in any way to the item.  Any damage to the original piece (not being repaired) will not be the responsibility of Dudley & Roo.  



- Under no circumstances will your order be made until payment has been received.

- Please ensure that the name and address on the PayPal account is correct. I will only ship to the address provided as any alternative address given that is not correspondent with the PayPal address can invalidate any security PayPal provides.

- If you have chosen to pay via the PayPal.me link directly, it is the customer’s responsibility to check that all information or details given (where necessary) on a personalised order, are correct. Details are taken from the message between the customer and the page’s messenger, to create your order. Any incorrect details given are liable with the customer. A fully itemised invoice can be requested as an alternate to a direct payment link, which D&R will advise should there be a high volume of stamping

-  Upon checkout, you have noted and agreed to continue the purchase, having been asked to read the stated turnaround time upon the homepage (unless a Rush Order fee has been added).

-  Please note that should an item be made to measure, where measurements have been given by the customer to Dudley & Roo, and the item does not fit, Dudley & Roo will of course re-size the item but at a cost to the customer.  The customer is also liable for postage back to Dudley & Roo (the same postage as was sent to them) and then for postage to re-send to the customer.  WE ALWAYS ADVISE MEASUREMENTS ARE TAKEN BY A JEWELLER AND THOSE MEASUREMENTS PASSED ON TO US.  



- As above, any orders placed will not be made until payment to cover any aspect of the order in full, has been made. For example, should a £15 item be ordered but only a £10 minimum payment is made, the item will not be made until the next payment.

- Payment(s) may be needed before materials for the order can be ordered in to fulfill the order.

- Personalised orders may not be cancelled/refunded if they have been already paid for and made. Non-personalised orders can be amended/cancelled with a full refund so long as they have not already been made. A small charge may still be applied for time spent making the item for your order.

- Payment of the full invoice must be made before any of the order is shipped out, unless the customer specifies a specific part of their order needs to be with them before a specified date, in which case, postage to cover this will be added.

Payment Plan is only available through PayPal and it’s invoicing system. Bank transfers, cash or any other method of payment will not be accepted.



Our gift vouchers and e-vouchers, unless otherwise confirmed, are valid for 6 months from purchase.



- We can not be held responsible for shipping to an incorrect address, if that address is the one shown on your PayPal details.  An incorrect delivery address may mean a wait time should the package make it's way back to us.  In this instance, a redelivery fee will be charged.

- Sterling silver items above £50 will need to be sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery without exception. This is due to the insurance in place when sending via this method.  Therefore, if an item goes missing but a lesser shipping option has been selected, the liability falls with the customer and D&R are not liable to refund the full amount.

- Please ensure that you have noted the order turnaround time. This will periodically change in accordance with workload and busy periods such as Christmas and other UK holidays or celebrated dates, but will be highlighted on the D&R website Home page. If in doubt, please get in touch and I will be happy to provide you with the relevant information.

- Should you require an order to be dispatched before the stated shipping time, there will be a rush order fee. Please note that this can not always be offered due to high volumes of orders around certain dates and public holidays.

-  Upon checkout, you have noted and agreed to continue the purchase, having been asked to read the stated turnaround time upon the homepage (unless a Rush Order fee has been added).

- International shipping times may vary due to unexpected delays, holidays and customs. Unfortunately, this is out of our control and I cannot be held accountable.

- Any customs charges that are incurred are the sole responsibility of the customer. Each country has customs and/or handling charges which need to be paid in order for you to receive your item(s). These charges are NOT included in our stated shipping costs.

- Parcels (UK) will be shipped Second Class Signed For. For other shipping options, please state which option you require before being invoiced. Should you require a higher cost shipping option after having paid an initial invoice, a second invoice will be issued to cover the difference.

- If we should be out of stock of materials to make your item(s), we will notify you. Please allow an extra 2-5 working days for shipping. If this is unsuitable, you may cancel your order and a refund will be issued.

- Dudley & Roo shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage or theft of goods once they have been received by you.

- If your order arrives broken, faulty or incorrect, you must notify us immediately and within 5 days.

- Photographic and written evidence may be held by us of your order before it is sent. This is for the benefit of us, the customer and any postal service used and/or PayPal.

- Should your order be sent to you and after a failed attempted delivery, returned to the sorting office/back to Dudley & Roo, return postage will be requested from you before redelivery.



- Personalised items cannot be returned or refunded.

- If a personalised item is delivered damaged, Notification is required within 3 days upon receipt of the goods. You will then be required to return the whole item whereupon a replacement will be made and re-sent to you.

- Cancellation of an order may only be granted if we have not begun to make it. If we have not started to make your item but have had to source and invest in materials specifically for your order, a refund may be given minus the cost of materials purchased by us.

- An order which contains a mistake where blame lies with the customer will not be refunded or replaced however, a mistake made by Dudley & Roo will be refunded or replaced. This includes spelling mistakes, wrong dates or other wrong information. Please check the text you are entering on the site is as you would like it stamped.

- For a non-personalised item, where the item has been received damaged, the whole item must be returned and a replacement will be issued as soon as possible, only limited to when the materials are in stock to remake.  

- Should you wish for a refund on a non-personalised item, it must be declared within 5 days and returned (at cost to you) in an immaculate and re-saleable condition and in it's original packaging. If the item is returned in any other condition, a refund will not be granted. Likewise, if the item is not returned to me within 7 days of you notifying us, your right to a refund will be dismissed.

- Dudley & Roo reserve the right to deny a refund of any Rush Order fee that may have been added to an order, unless the item is faulty.  

Please note that should an item be made to measure, where measurements have been given by the customer to Dudley & Roo, and the item does not fit, Dudley & Roo will of course re-size the item but at a cost to the customer.  The customer is also liable for postage back to Dudley & Roo (the same postage as was sent to them) and then for postage to re-send to the customer. 




- Our returns address is Windermere House, Church Lane, Marshchapel, Lincolnshire, DN36 5TW.

- Any item(s) returned without prior notice will not be accepted.  Items should be returned new, unused, and with all the tags still attached where applicable.  Returns that are damaged (which initially arrived to you undamaged) or soiled will not be accepted and may be sent back to the customer, or alternatively, a refund minus the cost of a replacement, replacement parts, repackaging etc, may be issued. 



- The risk of loss and/or damage to any goods passes to you upon delivery of your order. 

- Upon receipt of your goods, responsibility will fall on you for the safe custody and insurance of those goods in your possession. 

- Dudley & Roo do not have responsibility for any damage or loss which occurs to your goods after delivery. 

- Dudley & Roo do not accept any responsibility for any wear and tear, accidental damage or failure of parts or goods.  We respectfully ask you to consider the fact that just because other items of jewellery/accessory(ies) tolerate a level of wear and tear, that not all items can be treated the same.



- Our product photographs may appear slightly larger or smaller than a product's actual size.  This can be due to a photograph being taken close up or from a distance away.  Some items may be represented as a colour(s) different to the actual item.  This can also sometimes be a result of individuals' screen settings and photography techniques.  Dudley & Roo will always ensure a description of an item is used to make the customer aware of metals used, sizes, stone, chain length etc.  The information given is always given in good faith but we cannot be held responsible for inaccuracy.  We would be pleased to discuss this further if you so wish.

- All goods quoted on the website are in GBP (£) and include VAT.  Delivery is quoted upon checkout.



- Dudley & Roo will not accept any liability if we are prevented from fulfilling any obligations to you that are beyond our control.  This includes, but is not limited to; extreme weather conditions, an act of God, terrorism, war, strike or difficulty in obtaining materials and/or labour.  In any of these circumstances, Dudley & Roo reserve the right to cancel the order. 


- Dudley & Roo reserve the right to initiate legal proceedings should any person(s), manufacturers or retailers try to replicate or copy any of the original designs.  These designs are produced by us, and as such, we own the copyright to these works.  


GDPR | Privacy Policy

Dudley & Roo sometimes collects information about you when you use our site.  This information can include email addresses, names, items purchased and delivery and billing information. Other information can include anything you provide to us when you fill out our Contact Us form.  This is also the same information stored should you choose to create a customer account; this infomation will be stored by our website host, Create.

We use this information contractually, i.e, only to fulful your order, send out invoices and communicate with you, when necessary, about your order or query.  Some of this information will be retained and used for bookkeeping purposes and complying with UK law.  Once the length of time has passed which we are legally bound to keep it for (for tax purposes), it will then be destroyed.

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions upon checkout, your email address may be used for Mailing List purposes.  You can unsubscribe from this at ANY time.

For payments and invoicing using PayPal (outside of this website - e.g. for orders where an invoice is required to be generated), your name and address will be submitted to us in order to process and ship your order. We use PayPal to store name, address and email address information. For this method of payment only, your email is initially handwritten into a hard copy order book which is kept in a secure unit, to again comply with UK tax law.

To comply with the relevant UK law, all hard copy paperwork is kept and stored safely for 6 years. Should you wish for your information to be discarded (blocked out) from the hard copy order book, please request so.

We will definitely not pass on or sell your information to other companies (other than the 3rd parties involved in your order or use of this website, these companies are PayPal; our payment platform, and Create who are our web hosting provider, and SumUp; this will only be applicable if you have submitted a payment via our portable card machine (i.e. on a trade stall).  These companies are GDPR compliant and may process information about you.  We do advise that you please see their own privacy policies for more information.

For email subscriptions, whereby you provide your email address, I value and respect your privacy and promise not to spam you or send you emails that are irrelevant to Dudley & Roo.  Our email subscription company we use is MailChimp.  MailChimp will store your email address in my D&R account.  A link to Mailchimp’s Privacy Policy and Terms is given once you have subscribed.  You can choose to unsubscribe at any time.

The Dudley & Roo website uses SSL encryption (the little lock icon at the left hand side of your browser address bar, which is shown on any secure website you visit).


By using this website you consent to our privacy policy, if you disagree please stop using this website immediately.

Under the GDPR regulations you are entitled to ask what information we currently hold in relation to you (and request for it to be removed from our system).  Dudley & Roo have a duty to respond and act on that request.  You may also ask to amend, change or remove the data in relation to you.  Some information may not be able to be amended or deleted if it has to be used to fulfil legal obligations.  Please contact us via our Facebook page, Contact Us page or by emailing [email protected]

Our privacy policy may be changed or updated at any time so please check back regularly to make sure you agree with our policy.