Sizing Guide

Jewellery Size Guide

Here at Dudley & Roo, almost everything is made to order.  That means that you tell me the size you need for you or the lucky one you're buying for, to ensure it fits just right. 

Here's how to find your size:

Method 1 | HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (For rings, bracelets and bangles):

Visit a jeweller who will be able to correctly measure you and let you know their findings.  This is the most accurate and trustworthy method and highly recommended. 

Diagram showing how to measure a bangle


Method 2:

The easiest way to find your bangle size is to measure a bangle you already own and know fits well.  Measure it straight across the middle.

Method 3:

Whilst making a fist, measure the distance between the middle of the knuckle at the base of your little finger, and the knuckle at the base of your first (pointer) finger.  This will also give you your bangle size.

Hand showing how to measure for a bangle
Hand showing how to measure for a bangle

Method 4:

Bring your little finger and thumb together (the shape you'd make with your hand if you were putting on a bangle!).  With a soft tape measure of piece of string, measure around the widest point of your hand, indicated between the stars on the photo.  If you've used a piece of string, lay this out and measure it with a ruler.  

Necklace Chain Length Guide

Necklace Chain Length Guide

Bangle, Bracelet & Cuff Size Guide

Sizing guide for bangles, bracelets and cuffs

Ring Sizes

We would highly recommend that your ring size (if you don't already know it) be measured by a high street store jeweller.  This is the most accurate method.  Please try and ensure that when you take your measurement, your hands are at a normal temperature (not too hot/cold which could result in swelling or shrinkage and therefore be an untrue measurement).

The next best thing would be to order a ring sizer (here).  Once it arrives follow the above advice, measure your finger, and you have the sizer readily available for another time.

Other methods include downloading the Jason Withers Ring Sizing app on your mobile phone; this allows you to place a ring that already fits you well, on to your phone screen and finding the measurement that way.  

Alternatively, use a soft tape to measure around the finger.  Don't pull the tape too tight as you will need some room for movement over your knuckle.  
If you don't have a soft tape measure, you can always use a strip of paper.  Wrap the paper around your finger and mark with a pencil or pen where the paper overlaps.  Again, be sure not to make it too tight as you'll need room for movement over your knuckle.  Then, unfurl the paper and measure up to the mark you made with a ruler.

Hand with tape measure