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Have a browse around the Dudley & Roo shop.  You'll find a range of handmade sterling silver jewellery, including sterling silver bangles, bracelets, cuffs, earrings, necklaces and our men's jewellery and accessories section, as well as hand stamped and hand stamped personalised jewellery, personalised keyrings, gift ideas and other accessories.   All handcrafted in the Dudley & Roo studio in rural Lincolnshire, nestled between the picturesque seaside town of Cleethorpes, the busy streets of Grimsby and the quaint historic market town of Louth.

The method which is used to personalise some of our pieces, is called hand stamping.  Many people mistake hand stamped jewellery as engraved jewellery, but in reality, no machines are used to personalise our pieces!  

Hand stamping is the process in which each individual letter or design stamp is lined up by eye and hammered by hand into the metal to make the specific impression. This may mean that letters and designs may not be ‘perfectly’ straight, spaced evenly and it’s almost guaranteed that no two items will be exactly the same – any variations should be regarded as characteristics to your personal piece. That is the sheer beauty of hand stamped and handmade items; they’re bespoke and unique to the wearer.