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The method which is used to personalise our pieces, is called hand stamping.  Hand stamping is the process in which each individual letter or design stamp is lined up by eye and hammered by hand into the metal to make the specific impression.  This may mean that letters and designs may not be ‘perfectly’ straight, spaced evenly and it’s almost guaranteed that no two items will be exactly the same – any variations should be regarded as characteristics to your personal piece. That is the sheer beauty of hand stamped and handmade items; they’re bespoke and unique to the wearer. 

Yes!  Here you'll find examples of all our current fonts and design stamps.  New font choices and design stamps are always being added to so do check back often.  Please be aware that some fonts and designs may be too big/small dependant on your item requested and/or whether you have chosen to have a full limit of characters used on your piece. We can always advise further if you contact us, and we can discuss your options. 

Yes! On the majority of our items, we offer a gift boxing option.  You'll see on each individual listing whether you can upgrade the giftbox to a more luxurious option.  Otherwise, all Dudley & Roo items come attractively packaged.
Sterling silver jewellery and accessories automatically come packaged in a silver/grey pillowbox or linen effect gift box.  You can see an example of the gift boxes, here.

We have now offered the option to finish off your purchase with a choice of 2 gift bags.  You can find our gift bag option here.

Yes of course!  Commissions and bespoke requests are very much welcomed and I'll do all I can to work with you to see what we can come up with!  Please get in touch via the Contact Us page or drop a message through Facebook or Instagram

There's a Sizing Guide that you can refer to on the website

It is always recommended to visit a high street jeweller who can accurately measure you.  However,  I know that isn't always possible, so, please do have a look at the Sizing Guide for you to be able to measure yourself for rings, bangles, bracelets and cuffs as well as necklace lengths.

Essentially, delivery charges will depend on how much is in your order.  Upon checkout, you will be able to select which delivery option and it's price for you to choose which option you would prefer.  Please note that sterling silver items over £50 must be sent Special Delivery as this is the only option which will cover for insurance purposes.

For more information, see the Delivery Information here.

International shipping has been temporarily put on hold due to Brexit and Covid-19, but usually, international shipping is offered.  Please get in touch if you are looking to order and are currently overseas.  

The only country we currently do not ship to, is Germany due to their current postal laws.  Unfortunately, since Germany changed their import allowances, aluminium and precious metals and stones are not permitted to be sent in the post. 

You can find a full list of Germany's postal restrictions here.

The current turnaround time can be found on the homepage of the website.  I always strongly suggest customers to enquire about the turnaround time, as it does vary from time to time, depending on times of the year, holidays and events. Feel free to contact me if in doubt.  However, on certain items, a 'Rush Order' fee may be applied.

A 'Rush Order' fee is a small additional amount, added to your order, in order to receive your item quicker than the turnaround time.  This fee covers additional time I will have spent in the workshop after that days orders are done - 'overtime' if you will; to ensure your item is made and sent out to you to be with you quickly.

Good question! To keep your jewellery looking as good as you, there's some information and advice on how to look after your jewellery which you can find here!

Gold-filled jewellery is created by mechanically bonding a layer of gold to a layer of base metal. Gold-filled has a distinct layer of gold and the core is usually brass. This is a permanent bond and the gold will not flake, peel or fall off unlike that of gold plated items. 

Aluminium is a perfect alternative to sterling silver, these jewellery grade aluminium cuffs are lightweight, do not tarnish and are hypoallergenic (good for wearers who are sensitive to certain metals such as silver). 

Brass (golden colour) and copper (bronze/rose gold colour) cuffs are more weighty than aluminium and have the benefit of being alternatives to gold or rose gold.  Due to the natural PH balance of each individual wearer’s skin and the environment, these two metals will naturally tarnish.  This is not a fault but unavoidable.  Each copper or brass cuff is supplied with a coat of wax which will slow down this process however, when tarnishing does occur, this can easily be rectified by using a lint free cloth and a metal cleaning agent.

Yes! Dudley & Roo are excited to be able to offer a payment plan option which allows you to spread the cost.  

*Any orders placed will not be made until payment to cover any aspect of the order in full, has been made. For example, should a £15 item be ordered but only a £10 minimum payment is made, the item will not be made until the next payment.

Payment(s) may be needed before materials for the order can be ordered in to fulfill the order.

Personalised orders may not be cancelled/refunded if they have been already paid for and made. Non-personalised orders can be amended/cancelled with a full refund so long as they have not already been made. A small charge may still be applied for time spent making the item for your order.

Payment of the full invoice must be made before any of the order is shipped out, unless the customer specifies a specific part of their order needs to be with them before a specified date, in which case, postage to cover this will be added.

Payment Plan is only available through PayPal and it’s invoicing system. Bank transfers, cash or any other method of payment will not be accepted.

* Information taken from the T&Cs section.

I think I've covered the main questions but if there's anything else you're dying to know. just ask!

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