Dudley & Roo Being Eco-Conscious

Ecological Sustainability

Dudley & Roo are always trying to find ways to be more eco-conscious and sustainable. From packaging to products, to the carbon footprint, it’s something that is always under review.

The majority of packaging used is plastic free.  However, sometimes, padded (bubble wrap lined) envelopes are used, purely to get your orders to you safely.  You will see the option when adding items to your basket, for you to select whether you'd prefer that your order is sent to you in re-used packaging; this means that single use plastic, is being repurposed which will help to reduce waste. 

Each individual item in your order will be sent to you with new condition packaging, however, if you choose the above option, your outer box or envelope will be of a re-used state, ultimately reusing, recycling and therefore decreasing the amount of packaging we end up putting into landfill. 

The use of padded envelopes, is gradually being phased out at Dudley & Roo and orders will be sent out in a fully recyclable box, including biodegradable tape. 

Some of my jewellery is made from scrap silver.  This means there is no waste and every piece of metal, even metal dust, is used up and turned into something beautiful! 

Whether a small business or a multi-million pound corporation, every business has to order in supplies, from stationery, to packingaging to their main materials.  To try and reduce the carbon emissions from all of those deliveries, I will always try and order in bulk wherever possible, rather than place frequent little orders, to try and reduce carbon emissions.  I also try and source everything from the UK. 

It may seem like small steps, but I'm committed to being as sustainable as possible and making those small changes will hopefully result in big changes where it matters. 

Dudley & Roo are also proud to contribute to charities each month.  These charities vary each month but some of which are committed to investing in and helping our environment and our seas.  

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Dudley & Roo are also extremely proud to be a part of Ecologi and their plight to helping businesses, like mine, become climate positive by responsibily repairing nature and building an eco-minded community.  
Each month, we (Dudley & Roo) invest and contribute to the planting of at least 12 trees, which offsets our carbon footprint as a business.

To find out more about Ecologi, what they do, their mission, their goals, and how you can help, or just contribute to planting more trees in the Dudley & Roo forest, please see the Ecologi website here.

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