Design Stamp and Font Choices

Below you'll find Dudley & Roo's current metal design stamp and font choices which can be requested on your orders as well as examples of the finishes you can have on your jewellery. 

These are always being updated so please do check back before your next order.  

Star Constellation Metal Design Stamps
Clock Face Metal Design Stamp
Metal font stamp examples
(T-B) Kids Print, Sculptor, Margarita 3.
Metal stamp font examples
(T-B) Margarita 5, Sweetheart 5, Ballerina Uppers, Ballerina Lowers
Metal stamp font examples
(T-B) Hideaway 3, Shadows Lowers 2.5, Sweetheart 3, Grateful
Metal stamp font examples
(T-B) Delphinus, Newsprint Uppers, Newsprint Lowers
Metal stamp font examples
(T-B) Jenna Sue Uppers, Jenna Sue Lowers
Font Stamps
(T-B) Pasketti Os Uppers, Shadows Lowers 3.5, Allura Uppers, Hideaway 5
Octhovia metal stamp font
Octhovia Uppers 7mm
Limon font metal stamps
Limon Uppers 4.5mm
Copper, aluminium and brass cuff bracelets with handstamped designs
(T-B) Copper, Aluminium, Brass


Aluminium is a perfect alternative to sterling silver; the jewellery grade aluminium cuffs are lightweight, do not tarnish and are hypoallergenic (good for wearers who are sensitive to certain metals such as silver). 

Brass (golden colour) and copper (bronze/rose gold colour) cuffs are more weighty than aluminium and have the benefit of being alternatives to gold or rose gold.  Due to the natural PH balance of each individual wearer’s skin and the environment, these two metals will naturally tarnish.  This is not a fault but unavoidable.  Each copper or brass cuff is supplied with a coat of wax which will slow down this process however, when tarnishing does occur, this can easily be rectified by using a lint free cloth and a metal cleaning agent.

These cuffs can be adjusted slightly by squeezing tighter or widened by pulling apart gently.  Please see our video on how to properly wear your cuff here, as continuous movement to the metal will cause weakening and inevitably snap.