Design Stamp and Font Choices

Below you'll find Dudley & Roo's current metal design stamp and font choices which can be requested on your orders as well as examples of the finishes you can have on your jewellery. 

These are always being updated so please do check back before your next order.  

Metal font stamp examples
(T-B) Kids Print, Sculptor, Margarita 3., Hydrus
Metal stamp font examples
(T-B) Margarita 5, Sweetheart 5, Ballerina Uppers, Ballerina Lowers
Metal stamp font examples
(T-B) Hideaway 3, Shadows Lowers 2.5, Sweetheart 3, Grateful
Metal stamp font examples
(T-B) Delphinus, Circinus, Newsprint Uppers, Newsprint Lowers
Metal stamp font examples
(T-B) Jenna Sue Uppers, Jenna Sue Lowers, Murray Hill Uppers, Murray Hill Lowers
(T-B) Pasketti Os Uppers, Shadows Lowers 3.5, Allura Uppers, Hideaway 5
Octhovia metal stamp font
Octhovia Uppers 7mm
Limon font metal stamps
Limon Uppers 4.5mm