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International Women's Day | Female Founded Business

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Women's Day

Tuesday 8th March 2022 marked International Women’s Day!
All women
A day for us to look at the women who teach us, inspire us and those we look up to as we pave our own way through life. Not only that though, it’s a day for us to take a look at ourselves, our achievements and our success; whatever that may look like for you. 
It’s a day where other women, men and our children, can perhaps look up to us and realise even though it may be a man’s world, we are taking it by the balls, standing up for ourselves, and shouting from the rooftops about how bloody amazing we are; something that was once frowned upon. To be seen and not heard. Well, it’s 2022 and we’re louder than ever. Women deserve recognition. We deserve equality. We deserve success and we deserve to celebrate that success.
I personally have overcome so many hurdles to get to where I am today. I am proud of myself , running my little business and being a mum, a wife and friend, and do you know what, if I’m not going to say it, then who else will?!
Female Founded
I know I have two little sets of eyes watching me. They see how hard I work; how different my working life is to their daddy’s, being the primary caregiver, how I stand up to and for things, how I deal with different situations… It’s bloody hard work! Hats off to all women who do it all, who do part of it, are paving the way for future females and those trying to make a difference in whatever way they can in whatever part of life they’re doing in.
To recognise women can be equally appreciated, respected, praised and celebrated is always a step in the right direction. Let’s keep it going that way.
Chloe x 🤍🌸

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