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    Personalised Silver Jewellery & Gifts

    Personalised Jewellery and Gifts

    Handmade sterling silver jewellery and personalised gifts distinctly designed and made by me; jewellery designer and maker, Chloe Sparkes, here at my workshop in rural Lincolnshire, UK.

    The Dudley & Roo style is simple yet beautiful with essential staple pieces for your jewellery collection.  Personalised jewellery is my speciality, enabling you to tell your story and permanently have those sentiments with you forever.

    Browse beautiful handcrafted sterling silver jewellery, hand stamped jewellery and accessories and personalised gifts.  I love to work with my customers to create special one off pieces or items unique and significant to them.

    I like my pieces to look and feel like they've been handcrafted, giving you the sense and knowledge that your jewellery or item has had personal care and attention.  

    Here, you will find a wide range of sterling silver jewellery including personalised jewellery; bangles, rings, necklaces as well as men's jewellery and accessories. There's also hand stamped non precious metal jewellery (costume/fashion jewellery), as well as personalised keyrings and gifts for weddings, birthdays, Christenings and other special occasions.  Using the hand stamping method of personalisation is my speciality. Unlike machine engraved jewellery, my work is all done by hand, eye and hammer. 

    The majority of my items are made to order.  This means that the processing time may differ during busy periods, or if your order requires hallmarking.

    The current turnaround is:  approx 2 weeks 

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